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The founders

a family story

Together, they have created a unique skincare ritual, designed specifically to meet the needs of parents keen to offer quality care products, both beautiful and with clean and exclusive formulas.

Drawing on their medical expertise, they connected the sensitivity and dermatological problems of young children. Their objective was to offer a complete solution for atopic skin, surgical aftercare, and ultra-sensitivity of the most fragile skin by offering safe, effective, and gentle products for the delicate skin of children.

This family skincare ritual goes beyond usual expectations. They pay particular attention to details, quality and origin of ingredients, and the aesthetics of the products. Each element has been carefully selected to offer a pleasant sensory experience while providing the necessary benefits to children’s skin.

Their mission is simple: to relieve parents of their worry over their children’s skin problems. They aspire to offer quality products that combine efficacy, safety, and aesthetics, creating a pleasant and soothing experience for the whole family.

Dr Nathalie Saboye de Montrion

Doctor of medicine specializing in endocrinology and metabolic diseases

Nathalie, co-founder, endocrinologist and deeply dedicated to health, brings valuable medical expertise to our team. 

Mother of five children, Nathalie is passionate about healthcare, with an emphasis on awareness of endocrine disruptors. Her deep conviction is that prevention plays an essential role in maintaining good long-term health.

 She plays a key role in the research and development of our safe and effective products, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of health and quality.

Passionate about literature and foreign cultures, Nathalie directs our developments on creative innovations, integrating holistic and adapted health solutions.


Doctor of medicine specializing in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Jacques, co-founder, is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon. He specializes in cleft lip and palate reconstruction, aesthetical and reconstructive surgery.

Jacques brings his invaluable medical experience to the research and development of our innovative care. With 30 years inpaediatric care, his expertise is key to our product development.

He is deeply committed to improving effective wound techniques. His comprehensive knowledge of post-operative care and the specific needs of paediatric patients make him an indispensable resource to our team.

Father of five children, Jacques believes deeply in the values of family and compassion.

Amélie Saboye

Driven by her passion for skincare, Amélie, daughter of Nathalie and Jacques, grew up surrounded by a spirit of innovation and is inspired by her parents' dedication to health care.

Amélie developed a deep interest in product development, a passion that led her to explore the world of skincare, determined to create exceptional formulas that bring joy and confidence to families.

Mother of a little boy, Amélie understands the importance of gentle and reliable products for children and adults.

She draws her inspiration from outdoor sports, a passion that fuels her commitment to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly care solutions, in line with her vision of preserving our eco-systems for future generations.